In Search of German Bread

My husband has lived in the States for nearly four years and to this day he cannot find a good loaf of bread. He misses his German Brot. So, for our weekend getaway we decided to go to Fredericksburg, Texas. Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg prides itself on blending German heritage with Texas hospitality. We should be able to find German bread here right?

Instead what we got was a gray, rainy day. Our ideas for exploring, perhaps doing some hiking dashed by the rain, wind and chill. We spent the day running in and out of antique stores and specialty shops. Trying to take pictures and finding a good cup of coffee.

By the time we made it to one bakery, the sign read “all items sold out for the day”. There were other bakeries around but all they seemed to serve was Apple Strudel, Black Forest Cake and German Chocolate Cake (which my husband had never heard of before he came to Texas). But we had a very delicious and authentic, currywurst at the German Restaurant, Der Lindenbaum.

The one bookshop, located right on Main Street, seemed to sell more CDs, knickknacks and souvenirs rather than books. They carried a handful of titles, mainly by John Grisham and Danielle Steel, and lots of cookbooks. And, we know that I don’t cook, nor do I read Grisham or Steel

So no books bought, no bread found but we still had a good time just hanging out. I’ll try to post some pictures soon. As if that wasn’t enough, come back tomorrow for a Musical Carousel. You know you want to know what that’s all about.