In My Studio

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a really fun weekend but it was pretty busy because my husband took a 4 day photography workshop (virtual) and for his assignment he decided my bookbinding craft would make the perfect subject. And, because he would be sharing the photos with the other participants I knew I had to somewhat organize it so that things I didn’t want shown would be out of sight, etc.

He also wanted me to go through the process of making one entire journal. I typically make several journals of the same style at once so I’m used to more assembly line work but this was fun to just focus on one journal.

For some of the shots he was trying different light effects and that was a bit hard as we were working at night and lower lights and I’m thinking, I can’t see what I’m doing. Haha… In the end it was so much fun and once he’s worked on some more of his pictures and maybe we shoot a few more, then I’ll have to share so you can see some of what I get up to in the studio.

This picture is mine but it’s of the table I sit at when I’m making most of a journal. I have another large table where I cut papers, press the journals, etc. In case you are wondering, I do usually keep this table covered with some blank paper. I do some off stamping on there, put my brayer on it if I’m working on gel printing, etc. So it starts to get messy quickly but once it’s all used up, I just change it out.

You know what would be dreamy? If one day I could be In Her Studio. Anyway, let me know how your weekend was and if were working on any special projects or enjoying some good reads.

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