I’m Listening

fatalerrorI haven’t had much luck with audiobooks before and I thought it was possibly because either I didn’t like the narration, or if I was driving and listening then I was just too distracted to pay attention, but this week I decided to give  audiobooks another try.

During one of the book exchanges at my reading group I got Fatal Error by J.A. Jance and I figured it might be a good book to try. So I saved the file and loaded it on my iPhone and I listened to it while on the treadmill at the gym the other day.

I typically listen to latin music like merengue or other fast paced tunes so I’ll be motivated to work out, so I was curious how I was going to do with this and it was ok. My attention wandered a bit but I think this was probably a good choice to try.

For those of you who do like to listen to audiobooks, does it matter what kind of book or what you are doing? Did your attention wander a bit at first too and then you got used to audiobooks? I’ll keep you posted on my progress. So far I have probably tried about 3-4 audiobooks and have yet to finish one so we’ll see how I do with this one.

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