I’m Back

I had a great time in Monterrey even though it was such a short visit. I got back in town late on Thursday and I’ve been out and about most of the time as I had a birthday celebration to take care of (mine), spend time with a friend who was visiting from Germany, check out the Half Price Books Memorial Day sale, and of course take care of all the random things that pile up.

I will have pictures from Monterrey later in the week. My camera was with me at all times; like when I visited the Marco, the contemporary art museum, and when I did a bit of shopping at a outdoor market, where I couldn’t resist the jewelry and bought some bracelets and earrings. Aside from spending time with my abuelita, the highlight of my visit included an afternoon spent at the Ghandi bookstore.

I found many books I wanted to bring back but I only bought an anthology of feminist poems and a book by Carlos Ruis Zafon, Las Luces de Septiembre, which sounds wonderfully creepy. I also had to buy a very cool handmade bookmark with an embossed image of Don Quixote. Speaking of Don Quixote, you should have seen the many editions and other books on Don Quixote that were available.

My birthday was a nice one and my husband did great on the present front. He got me a video iPod which I totally didn’t expect. I have an iPod but it’s the 30gb that’s not even available anymore so it’s nice to upgrade. I also received The 1000 Journals Project book and 1000 Artist Trading Cards book. Talk about a visual fest!

I can’t wait to get around to visiting your blogs. What have I missed? I know I was tagged on some memes so I’ll try to get to those soon and of course I still have to tell you what I’ve been reading and what books I bought at the book sale. In the meantime, here is a picture from a street in Monterrey’s Barrio Antiguo. This historic district is now home to lots of bars, restaurants, antique stores and museums.


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