I’m Back

Is vacation really over? I can’t believe it. Actually I just don’t want to admit it is and perhaps that’s why I’ve had the hardest time writing this post. I’m sure in a few days I’ll get used to being back but for now I want to pretend I’m still on vacation.

We really did have a wonderful time. Just some highlights:

  • We went to the Harz mountains for a day of hiking. It was a beautiful day with sunny skies but a bit chilly so I was all bundled up. After some time hiking though the mittens and scarf were put away. A nice hike of course meant a treat at a cafe afterwards.
  • I visited the bakeries a lot. Thank goodness for all the walking we did everywhere otherwise none of my clothes would fit.
  • Spending a day in Goslar. It’s hard to put the camera away in this town – you just want to capture it all. We also went to the Modern Museum of Art which just happens to be located in house built in 1528. How cool is that.
  • Stayed in Berlin for a few days. We visited friends, museums and Knut! That little polar bear is not so little anymore but still very cute. And, Berlin is just all kinds of awesome. I want to live there.
  • Wandered around the canals of Amsterdam. I wanted to visit some museums but we just couldn’t get enough of seeing the city so we just spent hours walking and taking pictures instead. The museums will have to wait until another trip. I also discovered some very cool bookshops like the American Book Center and Boekie Woekie (more on those later).

There’s more to tell and many pictures to show you so I hope you don’t get bored of my vacation talk over the next several days. I took more than 400 pics so it’ll be a while before I go through them and can show you but I promise I will.

And, I promise to tell you all about the books I bought (six) and the books I read (10!).

The only bad thing about vacation is that I’m terribly behind in my blog reading. I’ve missed all of my bloggy friends but luckily that is one thing I have to look forward to now that I’m back. I can’t wait to catch up with all of you. In the meantime, here is one little pic just to give you a preview of more to come.

Street in Goslar, Germany, Canon Digital Rebel

  1. September 25, 2007
  2. September 25, 2007
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