I Pass

Last night I picked up This Cold Country by Annabel Davis-Goff from one of the piles for my bedtime reading. I didn’t really know what it was about but I liked the title. Lately we’ve been enduring temperatures in the high 90s so I wanted to imagine life in a cold country.

I was all settled and ready to be taken away to the British Isles but the first sentence starts off with rats. By the second paragraph we are into ferrets and by the fourth we learn that the main character can snap the neck of a rabbit.

I continued for a couple of more pages hoping that the furry friends would be given a rest but by page three, there is still talk about them. Maybe this is a really good book (if anyone has read it please let me know your thoughts) but it’s not one I want to read before going to sleep.

The mission for tonight is to find a good read, one that won’t give me nightmares.

Oh and I haven’t forgotten that I promised pics of my library pocket book. I’m hoping to have those up soon.