I Made It

Retreat book

The bookbinding retreat was a lot of hard work but so much fun. I had sore arms from tearing huge sheets down to the size to use for my book. And, I admit my back could have used a massage after being hunched over a table all day but what a treat to be among such creative people and sharing ideas.

I actually found this book quite easy to make. The hardest part, which is typically the easiest part for me, was covering the book boards. The paper I used, while I like it a lot, was a pain to work with. It wanted to bubble, crinkle and tear. I it was a good lesson though because I still managed to make some nice covers out of unruly paper.

This book lies flat which is perfect for journaling. Not only can you write in it easily, but if you are planning to collage or paint it will be easier than book with a round back spine. I also learned about pagination, gold leafing and some other tips & tricks. I’m already thinking of more books to make. I have some gorgeous papers stashed away and will be getting those out soon.

In the meantime though I have some serious catching up to do on my book reading.