HPB Loot

Is having a Half Price Bookstore less than a mile away from my home a good thing? I love it but am so often tempted to stop in and check out the shelves. So yes, I’ve stopped in a few times and here’s the latest loot I got:

  • The Journey Home by Olaf Olafsson. This sounds like quite an emotional story.
  • The Sister by Poppy Adams. So many of you have read this one already and I’ve heard some mixed reviews about it but I do like stories with a creaking Victorian homes.
  • The Perfect Royal Mistress by Diane Haeger. A Restoration romance tale.
  • Losing Battles by Eudora Welty. I got a lovely Virago edition of this one.
  • Abide With Me by Elizabeth Strout. In the late 1950s, in the small town of West Annett, Maine, a minister struggles to regain his calling, his family, and his happiness in the wake of profound loss.

And, how did the weekend manage to get away from me? All of a sudden I’m totally behind on blog reading, emails and it seems like just about everything. Oh well, you know what I’m going to do now? Go read a book of course. heh.

So, anyone else buy some new books recently?

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