Hello July

I had planned to do a month wrap up yesterday but then I got sidetracked by work. So here we are in July and I wish I could say things were better but here in Texas the COVID-19 cases are really alarming and what is so unbelievable to me is that people still don’t seem to take this seriously.

I wish right now I would be talking about our vacation instead. Normally around this time of the year I’m putting my blog on vacation mode. I know many of you have had to cancel plans too. If only we knew when this was going to end right?

So yes, we would have been off to Germany tomorrow. While that’s not happening, what I am planning to do this weekend is enjoy a couple of days off and read and relax. I’ve been under a lot of pressure and I need to distract myself with books and crafts.

My reading which had been going so well in May kind of tanked in June. No thanks to a couple of DNFs. Granted the three books I finished were fabulous: We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Enchantment of the Greengage Tree and I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter.

If I can ever get caught up on reviews I will tell you more about those but if you are at all wondering about them add them to your wishlist. As far as reading plans for this month, I just hope for no more DNFs. What about you, any reading plans for June?

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