Hello February

How did you sneak up on me? I must have lost track of time as I was lost in my books and there were some good ones last month. I have to say I’m happy with how my reading year is going so far, ok, I know it’s just begun but still. I read 5 good books which included books in translation, mysteries, fiction and best of all, no DNFs.

I’m not too happy that I still haven’t finished Doctor Glas which is such a slim book you’d think it would be a breeze but it’s the type of book I really want to dedicate more attention to because I feel like I could miss something important so I’m saving it for when I have a bit more time to delve into it.

Right now I’m also still reading The Girl On the Cliff which I have found a bit predictable but I don’t mind. This is like a one of those good comfort books you need when you are tired and just want to read something enjoyable.

But, I’ve just received an ARC from NetGalley of the latest Ruth Galloway mystery series and I’m so tempted to set aside everything and start it! There is just something I really enjoy about this series even if the main character sometimes gets on my nerves.

So that’s the reading life here at Casa Bookgirl. I promise I will tell you more about those books I’ve enjoyed. What about you, did you read a great book last month? Tell me about it.

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