Hello December

Goodness 31 days left in the year and I don’t know if I’ll meet my reading goals. Well, not really goals but in the past few years I pretty much reach a certain number of books read. This year I get the feeling my number will be lower but well I can still be hopeful right?

So I’m still reading The House at Riverton by Kate Morton and I’m greatly enjoying it. I have a book club meeting coming up on Sunday and I haven’t picked up the book for it but maybe I’ll still go to the book club. It’s a new group and I’d hate to already miss my second meeting.

I had plans to do some reviews today but I just wasn’t up for those. I spent way too much time on Etsy figuring out some new features they have added and I’m kind of worn out. I like Etsy but sometimes I feel like I spend a lot more time figuring out all the bells & whistles rather than crafting and/or selling!

One highlight of the day though was that I got two goodies in the mail. One is the Persephone Biannually. I want to add more of those lovely books to my shelves. And, I also got Bound & Lettered, which is a magazine focusing on artists’ books, bookbinding and calligraphy. Talk about eye candy and inspiration. I should have looked at it more and stopped playing on Etsy all day! ha,ha.

Anyway, that’s it for today guys. Happy December and hope you all read some wonderful books this month. I can’t wait to see what books I discover.

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