Happy Valentine’s Day

Well, hello there! I know it’s been a bit since I popped in here but we’ve just been so busy. The last few days were a bit stressful as I had to take my mom for some routine appointments and she was anxious which I understand as I get a lot of the white coat anxiety myself, but it’s hard when you’re trying to be strong for two people! All  is good though so I’m grateful for that.

We haven’t had a lot of free time on the weekends either as my husband has had several personal projects going on and weekends are when I try to get caught up on my crafty homework for my Wanderlust class. All of that is fun but there hasn’t been a lot of extra time and we haven’t even had any bookstore outings! It’s just hard to find time for everything isn’t it?

But I cannot complain as I’m off on a work trip next week. The stars have aligned and my husband is able to come with me and I have family coming to stay with my mom. So while it is a work trip it will be at a nice place (someplace we’ve never been to) and I’m sure there will be some downtime to relax.

I can’t wait to see some new scenery and just get out of the regular routine! Of course I promise to share pictures when I return.

So the blog will be quiet for a bit longer but I hope you are all doing well and reading good stuff. And, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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