Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day friends! Sending you warm greetings from a very cold and wintry day in Austin.

My big plan for this cold day is to just stay bundled up and catch up on my current reads. Settled in with a big cup of coffee, maybe some chocolate, here’s what I’ll be reading:

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert. “A major book about the future of the world, blending intellectual and natural history and field reporting into a powerful account of the mass extinction unfolding before our eyes.”

I recently mentioned this one in a Tuesday Intro post. It’s a dense book after all it’s tracking 500 million years of history so I’m not flying through it but it’s so interesting. It may take me a while longer to finish this one but I don’t mind at all.

The Aosawa Murders by Riku Onda, translated by Alison Watts. The novel starts in the 1960s when 17 people die of cyanide poisoning at a party given by the owners of a prominent clinic in a town on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The only surviving links to what might have happened are a cryptic verse that could be the killer’s, and the physician’s bewitching blind daughter, Hisako, the only person spared injury.

The book is set up as if there were excerpts from a novel that was written about the murders, interviews with suspects and other alternate voices to shape what happened. It really does read like a true crime novel so this is turning out to be a great crime fiction novel.

We Run the Tides by Vendela Vida. I just mentioned this one in my previous post and it’s the book that really called to me so I had to start it. I particularly love the time frame of this because it’s set in the 80s and the girls who are the main characters are all in their teenage years so it’s bringing back memories to me of when I was that age (also in the 80s) and would run around with my friends. I love reading about the dynamics between these best friends.

So those are my books. Other than reading and keeping warm, I plan to have a zoom call with two of my best friends and then my husband and I are going to watch a movie or maybe start a new series. We just finished The Tunnel and really enjoyed it and are anxiously awaiting the last season of Bosch. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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