Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Friends – I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving are ready to enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. We’ve been enjoying a few days of free time ahead of the holiday which is something I’m so thankful for as this year has been quite the year. I’m tired and any bit of extra time is nice to relax with a cup of coffee, my journal and a good book.

As usual, Thanksgiving is not a big celebration for us as we don’t have any family here but I can say that despite all that my mom and we have been through with her illness, I have a lot to be thankful for this year and it’s nice to be able to reflect on that. I’m so thankful for my work, my friends (you who read this blog too!) and my husband who’s been so understanding and helpful.

So what’s in store for us this week? Well we have somehow bought a lot of goodies to eat so I think we need to catch up on some walks but it’s been a bit drizzly and cold here which means all I want to do is lounge around reading or taking a nap!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and weekend ahead.

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