Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving a very happy time with your loved ones. For us Thanksgiving is usually quiet as we don’t have family in the country but we are very thankful to have time off this week to enjoy time together.

While this Thanksgiving may be a bit more free compared to last year, we are still in a pandemic and still need to be careful. We have been going out a bit more (still wearing our masks) and hopefully getting our boosters soon.

We’ve been trying some new recipes and if the weather is nice then we’re going to be going out in nature a bit more. We did start our week with a hike at McKinney Falls State park. What a wonderful place that is and only about 20 minutes from our home and we went back again yesterday. While my husband was taking pictures, I took a camping chair, blanket, coffee and sat by the falls to read and journal. It was so peaceful.

As far as shopping/Black Friday sales go, I’m most interested in supporting indie bookstores. So I’ll report back on any book shopping.

May you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

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