Happy Spring

oncetimenine200Has it felt like Spring in your area? We had lots of rain on Saturday and then a beautiful Sunday. I have finally put away my winter jacket and have started wearing my ballet flats. Actually this Sunday, I had to bring out the shorts. Yep, we tend to go from cold to hot quickly here in Central Texas.

Anyway, Spring also means that Carl V. is once again hosting the Once Upon A Time challenge now in its ninth year! The event encompasses four broad categories: Fairy tale, folklore, fantasy and mythology, including countless sub-genres. The challenge continues through June 21 and the main rule is to have fun!

Who doesn’t want to join right? I’m in. I love this challenge because it has really helped me discover different genres from my typical go-to reads. There are various levels of participation and I’m going to try to complete Quest the First which requires that I read five books that fit somewhere within the categories.

I’m a big fan of making book lists for challenges but I didn’t quite have time to go through my shelves and see what books would be good choices but I do know that I have some fairy tales, some steampunk and fantasy books to choose from. Not many but I do have some.

Finally, isn’t the artwork for the banner beautiful? That is from a piece of art by Kimberly Kincaid.

Anyway what about you, are you in? What are you looking forward to reading?

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