Happy Poetry Month

I’m working on a poem that’s so true, I can’t show it to anyone.
I could never show it to anyone.
Because it says exactly what I think, and what I think scares me.
Sometimes it pleases me.
Usually it brings misery.
And this poem says exactly what I think.
What I think of myself, what I think of my friends, what I think about my lover.

Excerpt from A True Poem by Lloyd Schwartz

Do you write poetry? Do you share it with anyone? I’ve written some poems before and even had some published in college journals. Quite a thrill I have to say. I love poetry and to me it really is a perfect way to explore feelings and thoughts.

So happy National Poetry Month to everyone. I mentioned in my previous post that my goal is to get in more poetry in my life this month. To that end, I’ve signed up for a Poem-A-Day and will be dipping into some of my favorite collections. Will you be reading some poetry this month? Share with me some of your favorite poets.

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