Happy Holidays

Dear Friends,

What a year right? I can’t believe we are so ready to wrap this one up but here we are. The last two weeks I’ve actually been a bit of social butterfly which is something I have not done since the start of the pandemic but I’ve been to a couple of small holiday celebrations with work friends and book group friends and that’s been so much fun.

Now it’s time to enjoy Christmas. For us it is a quiet celebration, sharing some good food (probably too many treats) and being together. I’ve wrapped up work to enjoy some downtime this upcoming week and make the most of this holiday season.

These past few days have been very cold and blustery but I hope the temperatures even out a bit so we can go out to one of our favorite state parks for a picnic and hike.

Of course one of the major things I’ve got to get done this week is put together my end of year post. How many books have I read, which ones were the favorites and all those other fun stats we all like to see. For now, though it’s time to open some gifts.

I know this time of the year can be filled with joy but can also be quite hard for so many people. I hope this season is kind to you and brings you peace and joy.

Warm hugs,

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