Happy Holidays

Dear Friends,

I know this holiday season may not be what you are used to but I hope that however you celebrate it may it be a time of peace and happiness. We have gotten used to celebrating in a quiet way for years now mainly because our families are in two different countries so there are years when we’re pretty much on our own.

I used to think these quiet Christmases were kind of sad but as I’ve gotten older I really appreciate the quiet moments. Today for example, we had a delicious brunch and then we decided to go for a trail walk and even though it was cold by the time we were done, I was almost sweating. Loved being outdoors, finding new places to walk and enjoying the birds, trees and sunny day.

We’ve had several calls with family members and there’s still some more pending but now it’s time to open some presents and enjoy some treats. I have a red velvet cupcake waiting for me. Don’t worry another trail walk is on our agenda for tomorrow.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and hope Santa leaves you lots of books underneath the Christmas tree!

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