Happiness Is…

I think it’s fair to say that right now things are kind of tense over this election right? Hopefully we’ll see a good outcome but I thought a post to focus on happiness was in order. Here’s what I’ve been delighting in recently.

I’m still very much a coffee drinker but when temperatures get cooler I really enjoy tea. So in the afternoons when I feel like I need a treat I’ve been savoring this decaf tea.

You’ve heard me complaining enough about not being able to travel this year but we have found the Planet Earth DVDs to be amazing. There is so much beauty in this world isn’t there? We really need to take better care of it.

I have finally discovered that I enjoy listening to podcasts late at night on the weekend when I’m hanging out at my craft table. My favorites so far are Novel Pairings, Lore, and Read or Dead. Let me know if you have some favorites.

Letters from friends. Jenclair always delights me with her lovely mail art and letters and Isabel always sends me little care packages of goodies and a lovely letter. I appreciate them so much! If you don’t write letters, think about doing so. It’s a wonderful way to just put the world aside for a minute and focus on on connecting with someone else. And, I found this great little shop that has a zine on letter writing in case you need some inspiration.

And, if you are still not sure about the wonders of letter writing, you’ve heard my story right? My husband and I were pen pals first. He lived in Germany and I lived in Dallas, TX. We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this week. You know I had to post a picture of us traveling somewhere. Here we were in Iceland in 2009.

Would love to hear what is bringing you joy lately. I hope you find some peaceful moments this weekend and more book talk soon.

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