Happiness Is…

I used to do these quick little posts and I realized it’s been a while since I posted a happiness post. I think especially right now it’s good to remember all those little things that bring me joy and maybe you’ll want to check them out too.

A refreshing drink. I don’t like plain mineral water but I realize I really like it when it has a flavor. This has become an afternoon favorite.

Cherries. Another favorite snack and just look at all the health benefits.

I also love enjoying a cold brew during the hot summer days. I’ve tried a lot of brands but Stok is so far my favorite.

Have you heard of Relax Melodies? I’m hooked on these. I love taking a nap with the soft sounds of a river or rain in the background. I listen to these at least 2 -3 times a week.

My husband surprised me with theร‚ย Breathe: Puzzle and Games Special edition magazine. I enjoy crosswords but don’t really do the other puzzles but this magazine has some really cute graphics and articles. So it has ended up being a fun discovery.

Finally, I just heard that the Texas Book Festival is going virtual this year. I’m so glad that the organizers are not going to let the pandemic keep them from bringing good reads to Texas.

Would love to hear what is bringing you joy lately. Have a wonderful weekend!

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