Happiness Is…

Sometimes it’s just good to remember all the good things in life right? I was feeling a bit tired and not as motivated this week so I thought a little post on some fun stuff will set me right.
So happiness is…
  • A new pair of Keens. I love my old keens and even though they are looking worn I still get tons of compliments on them (plus they are super comfy) so thought it was time to introduce a new pair to my wardrobe. I got the black ones.
  • My poetry anthology. I was looking through some of my craft papers and found a a piece of paper with “What’s in My Journal,” a poem by William Stafford. Perfect.
  • Finding a new source for music. I know, I’m behind the times but I look forward to finding some new music to listen to when I’m crafting. Let the next bookbinding session begin.
  • Flow, a new crafty/artsy magazine. I’ve already ordered the book for paper lovers. I can’t wait to get my hands on that.

Happy weekend everyone. Would love to hear what’s made you happy this week.

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