Guitars, Glasses and Ghosts

We had a very nice weekend that of course flew by. It’s time to go to sleep and face work tomorrow? Really? Ah well, that’s the way it goes but let me tell you about some of what I got up to this weekend.

First on Saturday we went to a classical guitar concert to hear Pepe Romero play for one of the Austin Classical Guitar society concerts. It was an evening filled with beautiful music. If I closed my eyes while listening I could feel like I was traveling in Sevilla or Cordoba. It made me think of my trip to Spain many years ago and made me want to go again. We’ve decided that we are going to be paying attention to what concerts are coming up and hopefully we can go listen to more beautiful music soon.

I also met up with some crafty ladies this weekend for an Austin Craft Riot meet up and lucky for me we were meeting at a library. I got there a bit early and thought well I’m here I might as well as look at some books and of course I couldn’t walk away without checking out The Big Book of Ghost Stories. It is a big book and has some cool vintage illustrations. I think this is a book I may have to own actually. Oh and the best part, I already read one story which I’ll tell you more about soon.

Finally today a big chunk of my day was spent buying new glasses. I wear contacts most of the time but do need to give my eyes a break and I finally went to update my glasses which I’ve had for at least eight years. Oh and not only that but I had to finally break down and say okay to bifocals. Ugh. It’s okay that I still call myself Bookgirl right?

So that’s pretty much the weekend. Unfortunately aside from the one ghost story I’ve read from the big book my reading has been practically non-existent this weekend. I guess that means I should head to bed and try to get in a few more pages. Hope everyone has a great start of the week!

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