Greek History 101

I did finish up In the Bleak Midwinter last night and it was worth losing a bit of sleep over. Granted this morning I was not a very happy camper when the alarm went off at 6:00 a.m.

Tonight I’ve started Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea by Thomas Cahill. I haven’t read any of his other books and might not have picked up this one if it wasn’t that it’s the January selection for one of my book groups. I enjoy history reads but this book just wasn’t at the top of my to-be-read list.

For some reason, I decided to see the reviews for it on I typically don’t do that because you don’t know if people are going to spoil a book for you or overly-praise it. Either way ruining the reading experience. For me, reading the reviews after I’ve read the book and formed my own opinion works best.

But again, I was sort of looking at the reviews and it seemed that people were upset, not so much at his writing or research, but more about his constant bashing of the current government administration and devoting too many pages to ancient Greeks sexual behavior. I don’t know, but all of a sudden this book sounds a lot more interesting to me.