Great Expectations

Last night as I was getting ready to curl up in bed with Twilight our power goes out. Not good people, not good at all. At first I thought well, I can use a flashlight and that’ll only add to the spooky atmosphere of the book but it’s cold in Dallas and as the hours kept going by and still no electricity our house was becoming an iceberg. I did finish the book and 10 hours later we finally got power back. Grrr, I’m not happy with the electric company.

But back to Twilight. I loved it. I admit I was a bit leery of it at first. I had heard so much raving about it just like with The Thirteenth Tale and didn’t know if it was going to fall short of my expectations. In the case of The Thirteenth Tale I thought it was enjoyable but I can barely even remember what it was about. Want to know just how much I loved Twilight? I’ve ordered the sequel, New Moon and should have it by Monday. Oh yes, and I think I have a crush on Edward too!

Alright tonight I start The Street of Crocodiles for the upcoming Slaves discussion. I am really looking forward to this book. Let’s hope there will be no more electricity issues to deal with and it will just be a night filled with good reading.

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