Goodbye March

What a strange reading month this has been. I had three DNF (did not finish) books which is not typical. I think last year I had two the whole year so hopefully this means I’ve met my DNF quota for the year. Ha.

I only finished one book, friends. One. It was a good book, The Reckoning by Jane Casey, but really, just one? So I can tell you that no progress was made on any challenges but hey, that didn’t keep me from joining the Once Upon a Time Challenge.

Actually it’s been a good month and I have been reading stuff, for example Art Journaling Magazine, Art Journal Freedom and a bunch of other crafty magazines. Not only that, I’ve been crafting a bit more but that also means less time for reading. It’s hard to balance all the things I enjoy with work, family time, exercise, etc. but I’m trying.

Oh and good news, I’m making progress with Mansfield Park. Remember this was my first book of the year? Yep, sat on my nightstand for most of February and March but I’ve picked it back up and am now half way through.

So, what am I looking forward to in April? Well, National Poetry Month of course and a lot of good reads because I just know there will be good reads ahead. What about  you, what are you looking forward to in April?

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