Good Things for the Weekend

Despite the fact that I had a four day work week, I’m so glad the weekend is here, and this time I hope there is no illness involved. All I want is a good weekend – spending time with my husband and friends, and enjoying all the little things that make me happy such as:

  • Reading Shutterbabe’s blog. Yes, you’ve heard me mention her, and now she’s got her own blog – Snapshots from an Unmade Bed. Amazing, creative girl and best friend forever, I cannot wait to read her adventures and you should too.
  • Going to Border’s tonight. Because what’s a week without going to the bookstore.
  • Starting back up with yoga classes this weekend.
  • Making new playlists for my iPod. I’m in the mood to reminisce and listen to my “rock en español” so it’ll be Caifanes, Gloria Trevi, and Hombres G.
  • Going on a Scavenger Hunt courtesy of Michele. What a fun way to discover some new blogs. Thank you to everyone that has stopped by – hope you’ve enjoyed your visit!