Good Intentions

Thank you for all of your kind comments on encouragement. I’ve been having a really good weekend and think that slowly that’s helping me get out of my funk. I’ve spent time with some friends, went to the movies with my husband and indulged in some fluffy reading – i.e. fashion magazines.

I swear I was going to put up my Germany pictures. I have so many it’s hard to choose and this time I want to put up more than my usual so bear with me a bit longer. I had good intentions of working on that all day Sunday but my mom returned from visiting our family in Mexico and I spent most of the day catching up with her.

Lucky me, she brought me some gifts. Yeah. I received four poetry books. Two books of poems by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, selected poems of Antonio Machado, and a book of poems by Benjamin Valdivia. I already know that I’ll enjoy the Sor Juana poems and I’m excited about reading the poems by Machado and Validvia who are new to me.

Hope everyone has a terrific start of the week and I’ll work on it too.