Today was a fabulous day at work. Why? My group spent all morning at a pre-school dedicated to teaching English and developing language skills for at-risk-children. After spending a month coordinating the event today the pay off was more than I could ever hope for.

Santa and his elves (I was one!) read stories, we sang Christmas carols and the children took pictures with Santa. Of course the best part was seeing their faces light up when they saw all the gift packages lined up waiting to be opened. They got everything from Barbies and Tonka trucks to sweatshirts and coats. And, every child got a book.

The kids were so sweet. Some of them presented us with artwork while others just ran up and gave us big hugs.

As we were leaving the teachers thanked us again for all we had done and reminded us that the kids are doing so well thanks to volunteers. People who donate their time reading to the children year-round. You know, that’s probably the best way this BookGirl can get her message across – that reading matters. So expect to hear more about this next year.