Giveaway: Beatrice & Virgil

beatriceandvirgil.jpgFate can take many forms. For Henry, it arrives in an envelope from a stranger containing a story by Flaubert, a play featuring two characters named Beatrice and Virgil, and a note signed “Henry,” with an address in the same city. From the moment Henry finds the address and steps into a taxidermist’s shop, a place unlike anywhere he has ever been, his life is changed. In this extraordinary feat of storytelling, Yann Martel poses enduring questions about life and art, truth and deception, responsibility and complicity.

Doesn’t this story sound intriguing? I haven’t had a chance to start it yet but guess what? I ended up with two Advance Review Copies so I would love to pass along one of my copies to someone who’d love to read this book.

If you are interested leave me a comment, tell me what’s one book you want to read this summer (just because I’m nosey), and I’ll have a drawing for the book later this week.

Now, I’m off to rest. We had a busy weekend and tonight we just got back from a bike ride. That was tons of fun but I’m worn out so time to hang out with some books. More book talk tomorrow.

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