Getting It Out

artjournaling.jpgWe did go to the bookstore on Saturday and spent a bit of time at Borders. I had been looking forward to going all week because I was looking for a couple of magazines but when we got to Borders their magazine section was chaos.

I guess they are still in after-holiday mode but so many magazines were out of place. Two of the magazines I was looking for weren’t in and another one I like to read, Somerset Studio, was old. They still had the September/October issue.

I did find the latest Art Journaling so I couldn’t be that upset. I love this magazine and I need the inspiration. After I went to Journalfest last Fall I was all ready to play and create but then we got all caught up in our house move, I got busy with the shop and the holidays and so no art was created. I still journaled because I need that but I didn’t get to spend any time exploring more of art journaling.

Now that I have my tables in the studio set up and all of my supplies in order I’m hoping that I can venture out more into this form of journaling. So tonight before I go to bed I will spend some time with this magazine and maybe I’ll have some wild dreams I’ll have to journal tomorrow.

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