Get Ready

NPMLOGO.jpgYes, you know what April is. It’s National Poetry Month! I meant to post tonight about the book for discussion but I was sidetracked by bookbinding today so I didn’t finish the book but I promise I’ll finish it tonight and post soon.

So back to National Poetry Month. You know what makes me so excited about this? It’s a chance to get everyone talking about poetry, maybe finding some local poetry slams and hopefully discovering more new poets.

There are tons of resources on the site where you can even sign up to have a poem delivered to your inbox daily. You can also check out Poetry Daily to read a poem a day. And for those of you who enjoy children’s poetry, thanks to Gentle Reader, I found out about 30 Poets/30 Days. It looks like a wonderful project so be sure to check it out along with the others.

So do you have plans to celebrate? I am planning to read The Captain’s Verses by Pablo Neruda. I’ve read a poem here and there from this book but this month I plan to read the whole book. Plus, it’s also one of my challenge reads. And, I’m sure to read more poems by some of my favorite poets like Billy Collins, Sandra Cisneros, Linda Pastan, Mary Oliver and many more. Who are some of your favorites? Tell me, I want to add more names to my list.

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