Fun, Fun, Fun

I had a great time this weekend with my dear friend. We enjoyed discovering Salado, Texas, checking out the shops and restaurants but best of all was the time spent catching up with each other.


There was a lot of laughter while we had some delicious food and coffee from this cafe. We continued the good conversation while we did a wine tasting (yum) and there was some serious shopping done too. I bought some jewelry, a cute journal and then we saw this place.


Oh yes, I bought some crafty supplies. I got some stencils, ink and papers. I found out they also have classes so one day I hope I can go back.

We also got to see a movie (well, not in Salado as that is quite a small town) but nearby. We saw The Great Gatsby which we both really enjoyed. I know I’ve read some of your posts and it seems everyone has really liked it so I was looking forward to it. It’s been a long time since I’ve read the book and after seeing the movie I wouldn’t mind reading the book again.

Anyway, fun, fun, fun. Now, to get ready for the work week. How was your weekend?

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