Fun Day

Hi Friends – Sorry for the sporadic posting but I’ve just been so busy with work but luckily I have some time off to look forward to so I hope to catch up on some blogging. I hope you are all doing well. I am exhausted from work and not being able to travel has really gotten to me. When we travel I really have time to myself and not worry about all the responsibilities. As you know my mom lives with us and as she’s getting older she relies on me more and more which is understandable but that’s why my trips away mean so much to me. Anyway, due to Covid it’s hard for us to get away but we decided to make the most our time off.  And, the fun started yesterday.

We went on a little day outing to Georgetown. All my life I’ve been passing by Georgetown as it is south of Dallas. When I was little and lived in Dallas we’d take many trips back and forth to Monterrey, Mexico so we’d always drive through Georgetown but never stopped. When I was going to UT Austin, I’d drive through to Austin and back to Dallas many times but again, no stopping in between. Now that we live in Austin sometimes we visit Dallas but again we just kept on going. So yesterday when we went I realized there are a lot of fun little stores and sights to discover.

Actually I have made two quick pitstops in Georgetown before to visit Lark & Owl Bookstore but this time, we went to the Georgetown Arts Center. There was a very nice exhibit by a local artist, Diane Fraser. I quite liked her works because she combined beautiful colors and collage and also had some book art on display. My visit was also a bit selfish because I wanted to see my journals on display in their gift shop! They’ve been carrying my journals for a couple of years now and I just hadn’t had the opportunity to visit. It was quite a treat.

Speaking of treats, we stopped at an ice cream shop and had to indulge in some because it was super hot yesterday. Not a lot of mask wearing inside the shop so we quickly got out of there and enjoyed our scoops while sitting on a bench enjoying the shade from a tree and watched people come and go around the historic square. It would have been fun to roam around a bit more but I think we reached 100 yesterday so we headed back home but not before stopping at Aldi.

This is a grocery store which is very well-known in Germany and we thought as we’re here why not see if we can find some stuff we’d normally get when visiting Germany. We walked out with a lot of chocolate and some gummy bears. You know, typically when we go to Aldi in Germany we are riding our bikes to the store and I don’t feel so bad about all the chocolate as at least I’m going to burn off some of those calories with the bike riding. Haha. That’s ok, I have some plans for this week that I think will help with some of the calorie-burning.

One thing I’m very much looking forward to is also spending time with my books, doing some crafting and enjoying nature. I hope you are staying safe and more book talk soon.

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