Yes, it’s finally Friday and I’m so glad. I’ve had a busy week at work and now I can just put away the thoughts of reports and meetings aside.

This week I met with my friends with whom I was doing the Artist’s Way. What you forgot I was doing that? That’s okay, I sort of did too. It’s a good way to kick start your creativity but I already do a lot of the things the book suggests and to me this was just keeping me away from my own writing, my journal and all the other random things I do. So I’m glad I told my friends I was done with that. It was a relief.

Now its time for some weekend planning. Tonight, we are off to the theater to see The Enchanted April. That is one of my all time favorite books, and the movie was quite good as well, so I’m interested to see what the staged version will be like.

Other activities for the weekend include doing yoga, the requisite weekend trip to the bookstore and who knows, maybe I’ll even go see a film. Any suggestions?

Oh yes, and I’ve got a book group meeting coming up on Tuesday and the book is not currently on my nightstand. Must look through the shelves tonight and get with it.

Happy weekend everyone.