Friday Finds


I never did get a chance to tell you about the books I added to my wish list last weekend. My husband and I went out to BookPeople and while he read the latest Spiegel magazine, I wandered over to the fiction section. I found a lot of good books, and what’s best is that some of these are from Independent presses.
So here are the books that I added to my wish list:

  • The Girl on the Fridge by Etgar Keret. Synopsis: A birthday-party magician whose hat tricks end in horror and gore; a girl parented by a major household appliance; the possessor of the lowest IQ in the Mossad—such are the denizens of Etgar Keret’s dark and fertile mind. The Girl on the Fridge contains the best of Keret’s first collections, the ones that made him a household name in Israel and the major discovery of this last decade.
  • The People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia. From the Publisher: An astonishing debut novel about the anguish of lost love. Author Salvador Plascencia, a “once-in-a-generation talent” (George Saunders), weaves together the stories of a large cast of colorful characters, including: a disgruntled monk, a father and daughter, a gang of carnation pickers, and a woman made of paper.
  • The Facts of Winter by Paul Poissel. Synopsis: A series of dreams, all dreamed by people in and around Paris during the winter of 1881. It is historical fiction once removed.
  • Now is the Hour by Tom Spanbauer. From Publisher’s Weekly: In the summer of 1967, 17-year-old Rigby John Klusener is hitchhiking from his hometown of Pocatello, Idaho, to San Francisco to escape a life of religious, racial and sexual bigotry. He leaves behind a pregnant girlfriend, a hopelessly mystified mother, an embittered father and a sister trapped in a brutal marriage.
  • This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record by Susannah Felts. Synopsis: When the school year at tony Nashville Arts and Science ends, Vaughn Vance ditches her upper class friends for a summer of solitude. Content to be alone and work on her photography, Vaughn’s seclusion is disrupted when she meets her new neighbor, Sophie Birch.

You know I’ll be off to the bookstore again this weekend so let’s see what I find this time around. Looking forward to hearing what you’ve added to your wish list recently!

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