Freedom To Read

Do something radical this week and read a banned book! This annual event reminds us not to take this freedom for granted. Take a look at this list and see some of the most challenged books in the past decade. Can you imagine not being able to read Judy Blume or Maya Angelou or one of your favorite authors? I think not.

Anyway to recap the weekend. I did go back to the library book sale on Saturday and came away with a few more books. I met up with some friends for a delicious dinner and great conversation Saturday evening, and today I’ve been a crafty girl. I’ve been working on some collages and paper crafts for some swaps. A lot of fun if a bit messy but that’s all in the spirit of creating.

I did some suitcase shopping as my poor wheelie bag was not doing well after Germany and the Boston trip has sealed its fate to the trash. Why do I need a suitcase? I’m going to New York on a business trip this Tuesday. Unfortunately both days are planned out to the hilt so no bookstore browsing this time. What fun is a trip without bookstore discoveries?

My husband and I also went to the movies today to see Lord of War, a thought-provoking movie that deals with the awful mess of arms trading. I recommend it.

All of this means that I didn’t have a chance to upload the Boston pics today but hopefully tomorrow.