In the process of cleaning my Studio/Library you won’t believe what I found – book lists! These handwritten notes are booklists I’ve put together while on travel. As I’m always visiting bookstores when we travel, I also make it a point to write down titles of books that I want to check out when I get back home.

I know one of these lists is from when we were in Vancouver a couple of years ago. I recognize the hotel notepad I used. The other one is from when we were in Belgium. I remember because I have it on the back of a business card of a calligrapher. We were in Belgium when my husband took a workshop there several years ago. The last one must be from one of our Summer trips to Germany.

Usually when we get back home I try to add these titles to an Amazon wishlist or my library wishlist but I don’t think I’ve added these. I look forward to spending some time going through these and thinking about the books that I thought were interesting at the time. I wonder if they’ll still sound interesting to me now.

For now off to continue reading because I want to finish another book before the month is out. I’ll tell you more about my January reads next time.

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