Foreign Fiction

I thought tonight I would be telling you of some of my bookish finds but my outing to Barnes & Noble tonight wasn’t successful. I have a little gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I wanted to use it but didn’t find the books I was looking for so I have no books and no post — sort of…

Did you catch NPR’s article on the best foreign fiction of 2008? Their top five picks are the following:

I’d only heard of the 2666 book but of course now I’m curious about all of these others. If you want to read excerpts from the books check out the NPR link.

I haven’t checked my yearly stats but I get the feeling most of my reading is still pretty much equally divided between American and British authors but I’ll let you know later on when I do my end of the year stats. I can’t believe it’s almost time for those.

So that’s about it but before I forget, it’s time for another exciting edition of Estella’s Revenge. Go check it out and add more books to your TBR lists, read up on the Dangerous Reading Challenge and enter to win a book!

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