First Book Purchase

As I do every new year, I always say I’m going to try and limit my book purchases in the coming year and usually that little resolution gets broken pretty quickly. I’m quite impressed at myself for having made it through the first week but I couldn’t hold back on that “Add to shopping cart” button on Amazon any longer and I bought my first book of the year on Monday.

Today I got Zeno’s Conscience by Italo Svevo which is one of my challenge reads and a read for a book group as well. I am going to try and keep track of my book purchases this year because I’m really curious how many books I buy a year. I’m assuming a lot.

So has everyone already made their first book purchase of the year?

Today was also my first day back to the bookbinding studio after a three week break. I was so out of it that I even forgot to take my apron and now my jeans are covered in glue. Oh well, the exciting part is that I finished my rounded spine book and it’s just now under a weight for the next 24 hours so it will be all nice and set. I loved how it turned out and I promise I’ll post pictures soon.

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