I just received the latest issue of Pages Magazine and who’s on the cover? Caricatures of Tom Hanks and Dan Brown. Seriously, enough with the Da Vinci Code! I can’t imagine anyone not knowing about the book or upcoming movie. Why not feature small presses or foreign authors or anything but the Da Vinci Code!

Okay, moving on….

I’m quite excited because tomorrow I’ll be in an all day workshop at the Art & Soul retreat. I’m going to learn a new bookbinding technique and how to do inkjet image transfers. So I’m off to convert my book bag into my craft bag. Well, I’ll still take a book for when breaks come up or whatever. I can’t be without a book.

Other than that we’ll be quite busy this weekend as my husband is teaching a calligraphy course and I’m his assistant. I’ll be the one passing out paper. Then there’s Mother’s Day to celebrate and of course I have to go to the library to pick up some holds. I’ll tell you about those next time.

Hope you have a great weekend!