Enjoying Some Books

I hope everyone had a great weekend. My family left early today but we had a nice time catching up. We even got to spend some time at the bookstore on Friday and that was fun. While my cousins were busy checking out the photography section and my husband was looking through cycling magazines, I was deciding on some artsy books and ended up buying The Art of Whimsical Lettering by Joanne Sharpe.

I’ve been spending more time on my art journaling (although bookbinding is calling my name) and I want to play with lettering and not just rely on rubber stamps or stencils for the words. So we’ll see if I have the patience to practice this. Ha.

I also spent a good bit of the afternoon reading The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths and I think I may even finish that tonight. Her Ruth Galloway series is so fun. This is one of those that I feel like I read not for the mystery but for the characters and setting.

Also this afternoon I decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood and listen to The Dying Hours by Mark Billingham. I cannot believe how much I’m enjoying audiobooks – I’m a convert! I didn’t walk but maybe 30 minutes as I kept thinking it was going to start raining any minute but that was nice and I’m looking forward to doing that again soon.

How about you, what did you read this weekend?

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