I headed over to Barnes & Noble during my lunch hour today. I had my very funny book with me, got an iced chai and sat down to enjoy my time. No sooner was I into my book that I realized someone was standing by my table.

I looked up and there stood this guy holding out his business card to me.

He didn’t say a word, just shrugged and dropped off his card on my table and walked back to his table several feet away. I looked at the card and he had written on it, “do you think people are ever supposed to meet?” It also had his name and web site.

Well, so much for enjoying my time with my book. What was this about? Was he trying to pick me up? Was I now supposed to write something witty and drop it off at his table? Did he fail to see my wedding ring?

I thought about leaving but I didn’t want to cut short my reading time, so I stayed until it was time to go. Besides it looked like he was busy writing out more cards. There were other girls around so I thought maybe he had a busy afternoon ahead of him.

Back at the office I check out his web site because of course I’m a curious girl. Turns out he is a motivational/life coach. Did I look like I needed motivating? Was I slouching? Was it my choice of reading material?

Here’s the deal, if you want to talk about a book come over and talk, otherwise, stay on your side of the cafe.