Dream Office

You know where I’d like to work? At the Utne Reader. I was catching up with the latest issue and even though I think I read a wide variety of magazines, I’m always amazed by the new journals I discover within the Utne pages.

This issue in particular is a good one if you are looking for some indie magazines as they have their 18th Annual Utne Independent Press Award nominees. You’ll find nominees in the categories of best new publication, political coverage, best writing, etc.

I went to their web site to look for more information on one of the magazines and I find that they have a regular column, “From the Stacks,” every Friday which features the highlights of what’s arriving in their office.

The Utne Reader’s Library gets 1,500 magazines, newsletters, journals, weeklies and zines! OMG. See why I want to work there. Of course in my little dream world I’d be reading stuff and probably not doing much else.

Anyway, have you discovered a great magazine or zine through Utne? If so please share.