I can’t seem to get further in any of my current reads and I blame it on having received the latest Edward Hamilton Bargain Books catalog. I’m not planning to buy anything but it’s fun to look and think about what I would buy.

Another distraction is the book Mad for Minis. I bought it without looking through it which is something I typically don’t do with regards to a craft books, and I need to remember to stick to that rule. It’s a very slim book, 19 pages, and I thought it was all about making mini books but it also shows some scrapbooking designs and a couple of other crafts. It’s not bad but it’s not exactly what I thought it would be.

Finally, I’m a wondering how I could have let my subscription to Bookmarks lapse. It wasn’t until I was at the bookstore this weekend that I realized the new edition is out and I didn’t have it. I checked my last issue and sure enough the label said my subscription ended Nov/Dec 06. I hope I haven’t forgotten to renew other magazines. It’s just that they send you so many reminder letters way in advance that I keep ignoring them. Oops.

Okay back to reading.

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