While catching up on news today I found out about a Mexican poet, José Emilio Pacheco, who’s recently been awarded a prestigious poetry prize. The problem is I had never heard of him.

As I started doing a bit of research I see he’s won many prizes for his poetry and has also written short stories, novels and is even a translator. I found this site (only in Spanish), which has some of his poems, and they are wonderful. Just my cup of tea.

I did find a couple of poems in English. Here’s an excerpt from The Elements of the Night by José Emilio Pacheco.

Beneath this small, dry empire summer has whittled down,
faith lies toppled-all those tall, farsighted days.
In the last valley
destructiveness is glutted
on conquered cities, affronted by the ash.

Rain extinguishes
the woodland lit by lightning.
Night passes on its venom
Words crack against the air.

I will have to look for more of his works. Isn’t it great when you discover a new writer? Anyone made any recent discoveries that they are enthusiastic about? Share, please.