I spent my lunch hour reading Mercy by Alissa York. Canadian Author, York, makes her U.S. debut with this book about forbidden love – ooh. So far it’s really grabbed my attention.

Later in the day I looked through BookPage magazine and even participated in their on-line reader survey. What can I say, they are saying that 25 lucky winners will win $50 gift certificates for book purchases. Pick me, pick me.

Finally have you guys checked out the Haruki Murakami web site? Wow. I’m impressed. I know a lot of writers have their web sites, but most of them are really basic and don’t have much to look at. This one on the other hand has cover art, excerpts from his books and even a place for fans to submit their favorite Murakami scenes or how they discovered Murakami. I can’t wait to read Kafka on the Shore.

Now I’ve got to get back to my other book, A Gesture Life. It’s for my book club next week and I’m really behind.