Destination: Chicago

Vacation can’t start soon enough! I’m packed, don’t worry, I’ve left lots of space in the suitcase for the bounty of books I’m hoping to find at the Printer’s Row Book Fair. Have I mentioned the Book Fair enough times? Sorry, it can’t be helped, I’m just so excited about it.

Other items packed are the camera and comfy, yet cute, walking shoes. Oh yes, and an umbrella because it seems there are chances for thunderstorms all weekend. Ay Dios Mio, can I ever have a vacation that doesn’t involve rain? Well I don’t care, I’m going to a book fair!

As usual the last thing I’ve left to do is select my reading material for the plane ride. So I’m going to go scour the stacks in a moment and see what attracts my attention.

I wish you a super weekend and I’ll be back on Wednesday to give you the scoop on our Chicago adventure. Read lots of good stuff while I’m away because I want to hear all about it.