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Aside from the poetry book I mentioned in my last post, I also have several other books that I would like to finish this month. I’m tempted to add a new holiday-themed book but I have seven books in progress (some I’ve had going on for months and months) so it’s time to focus on these and finish at least a couple before I start anything new. So here are my books:

Devotions by Mary Oliver. This book has been ongoing the longest as I just don’t want to finish it. I know, it’s poetry so it’s not like I won’t pick it up again but I love having this as an ongoing read.

Lean on Me by Serge Joncour, translated by Jane Aitken & Louise Rogers Lalaurie. I started this for Paris in July and am about half way. I was enjoying this book about two lonely people in Paris but I guess I’ve found it a bit slow going and soon another book caught my attention.

Umami by Laia Jufresa, translated by Sophie Hughes. This one I picked for Women in Translation month in August and it’s the story of a twelve-year-old girl who is coming to terms with the loss of her little sister. It has a lot of things I would normally enjoy in a story but the timeframe jumps around a lot and also between narrators and that I don’t like as much because it’s hard to keep the story straight. I am very close to the end and would hate to give up on this one so far in so let’s see if I can finish it this month.

Paradais by Fernanda Melchor, translated by Sophie Hughes. I’ve just started this slim novel and am getting a bit apprehensive about how it will end because I see nothing good coming from the two main characters. So not that the book won’t be a good read, but it’s almost like I a scary movie and I’m getting to the part where I want to close my eyes.

Her Last Breath by Linda Castillo. This is the fifth book in the Detective Kate Burkholder and it starts with a horrible accident where an Amish father and two children have died in a hit and run. As Kate investigates she wonders if this was an accident or if indeed they were a target. So far it’s really good.

The Red Palace by June Hur. It’s 1758 in Korea and Hyeon is a palace nurse. While all she wants to do is do her job well, soon she is thrust into palace politics as well as a murder investigation. This is my December read for my Mystery book group and so far it’s quite good.

What do you think? I can do this right? So tell me what you are reading and if you are trying to finish any books before the end of the year.

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