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Remember last week I mentioned that I was halfway through The Turn of the Screw by Henry James and how I was planning to finish that over the weekend? Well that did not happen last weekend and I’m still halfway through it. Have you read this? I know some of you recommended I read this one for R.I.P. XV and I’m very happy I selected it because it is very atmospheric and creepy. Actually a few years ago, I saw The Innocents, which was a film adaptation from 1961, and I thought that was great. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

Anyway, I do have another book that has sort of snuck up on me and has captured my attention and that is Flowers Over the Inferno by Ilaria Tuti, translated by Ekin Oklap. This Italian thriller is set in a quiet village near the Italian Alps. A man is found naked and with his eyes gouged out and Superintendent Teresa Battaglia is called in to investigate. She can be rude and domineering but she is smart and knows this could just be the beginning of a madman’s terror on this village. I wasn’t expecting this one to be quite so creepy but it has some great descriptions of the woods and an old sanatorium. Did I mention that? See you want to read more don’t you?

Not pictured is my other read is Anxious People by Frederik Backman, translated by Neil Smith. I’ve got this one on my Kindle. A group of people are at an apartment open house. Each one has a story but a bank robber bursts in and holds them hostage. Or are they really being held hostage? At times this is funny and other times you just know it’s a situation where there are people thwhoat have made bad choices but you just want to see someone give them a second chance. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and so far I’m really enjoying it. I did watch the film adaptation of A Man Called Ove a few years ago and that one made me laugh and cry. So good.

So that’s the latest in book news. I hope you are all reading some wonderful reads. Oh and in case you are still looking for some ideas for R.I.P. XV reads or just want some spooky stories, check out this list of 23 Great Women Horror Writers. I’ve read six from the list so definitely more to discover. Have a great weekend and more book talk soon!

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